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Semi-automatic Screen Printer

Model: SUNY-5088C
Max PCB size: 600×320mm
Professional PCB making machine

Product Feature:
1. Microcomputer control, touch screen display, menu operating interface;  
2. Scraper floating (Similar to MPM automatic printer, scraper can freely float up and down and automatically adjust the distance with the steel); 
3. Scraper pressure adjustable (according to the length of the different types of scraper blade, adjust the pressure to the steel);  
4. Equipped with the inverter speed control system, scraper running speed is steady;
5. Using two-hand button switch operation, safe and reliable;  
6. Touch screen menu can independently set the whole steel net pause time up and down;
7. PCB positioning methods include reference hole positioning, reference edge positioning, reference hole & edge positioning at the same time, template positioning, etc;
8. Touch screen with time display function, printing times count function automatically, screen protection function;  
9. With scraper speed adjusment function and emergency stop safety function;  
10. Printing Mode: single, double, second start (menu settings optional);  
11. Printing working status: automatic / semi-automatic / jogging three printing status (menu settings optional);  
12. Cast iron table, work smoothly, no jitter phenomenon.

Product Specification:
Semi-automatic Screen Printer