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Fully-automatic SMT Screen Printing Machine

Model: SUNY-SYJ500
Max PCB size: 610×350mm
Professional PCB making machine

Product Feature:

1. Precision:
Dedicated math model with Repeatability±15μm (± 0.0005 ") @ 6 σ, Cp≥2.0. Ensure the machine to achieve high precision alignment.  
2. Dedicated PCB thickness adaptive system:
Simple and reliable structure, adaptive PCB thickness. Intelligent and fast matching of different thickness PCB boards with their transmission and clamping mechanisms.
3. Image and light path system:
New light path system - uniform ring light and high-intensity coaxial light, combined with infinite brightness adjustment function , makes all types of Mark points well recognized (including uneven Mark points), suitable for tinned, copper plated, gold plated, tin sprayed, FPC and other different types of PCB. The four-way light source is adjustable, illuminating the steel mesh and PCB board at the same time.
4. Programmable suspension self-adjusting stepper motor, drive and print head:
Designed for the different front and rear blade pressure requirements and the stability of the lift, to prevent the solder paste from leaking and the blade has a certain elastic clamping design, the blade pressure, lifting speed, printing speed, printing range are all adjusted by software, provide customers with a variety of demoulding methods to adapt to different tin-plated PCB boards. Rail-type intelligent scraper system for improving operational stability and extending service life.
5. PCB positioning system
Unique flat belt conveyor guide, magnetic thimble, vacuum chamber, original flexible side pressure device and optional pressure device.
6. Cleaning system
This system provides: dry cleaning, wet washing, vacuum three cleaning methods, the three methods can be used in any combination, and when the customer does not need automatic cleaning, can do manual cleaning under the production interface, thereby reducing the cleaning time and improving production effectiveness. 
The new wiping system ensures full contact with the steel mesh, and the large vacuum suction ensures that the residual solder paste in the mesh is strongly eliminated, realizing an effective automatic cleaning function.
The unique paper loading mechanism adapts to different lengths of cleaning paper. The new concept cleaning fluid application system adapts to different widths of cleaning paper, reducing unnecessary material waste. Safe and environmentally friendly.
7. Electronic control system
Adopt self-developed modular integrated circuits, safe, easy maintenance; use the most advanced industrial control system, achieve to modify the parameters during operation, really implement the pause function.
8. High adaptability steel mesh frame clamping system
Realize the printing of various meshes’ sizes, and can realize the rapid replacement model in the production process; Y direction automatic positioning.
9. Easy and convenient graphical Chinese / English user interface
Using windows XP operating system, independent research and development of graphical man-machine interface: especially in the navigation effect of program file to facilitate all operators quickly familiar with the operation; Chinese / English switched menu, operation log, fault record / fault self-diagnosis / fault Analysis tips / light alarm and other functions, making the operation simple and convenient.
10. 2D solder paste printing quality inspection and analysis
Quickly detect for offset, less tin, leaking, linked tin and other printing problems, to ensure printing quality.
11. Platform system
Adopts the linear motor drive of Haydn (United States) to realize ultra-fine transmission under the micro-motion adjustment, to meet the printing with higher precision requirements.

Product Specification:
Fully-automatic SMT Screen Printing Machine