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High-Precision Manual Screen Printer

Model: SUNY-SYJ100
Max Printing size: 250×400mm
Professional PCB making machine

Special designed for single/double-sided circuit board tin paste or red gum printing requirements:
1. Universal honeycomb baseboard, movable thimble, active support block, flexible positioning PCB, easy to print double-sided PCB.
2. Base uses thickened steel plate, strong and durable.
3. Circuit board positioning uses positioning pin, fixed link and fixed plate operating, not only convenient positioning, but also to ensure the repeated operating accuracy.
4. The correcting method through the steel net moving, combined with the fine adjustment of printing platform X, Y axis to correct, convenient and rapid.
5. Steel mesh support adopts screw guide, can adjust height up and down, easy to control the thickness of PCB and the paste amount.
6. The printing screen is fixed by four knobs with platen, fast and firm.

Product Specification:
High-Precision Manual Screen Printer