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PCB making machines,PCB Prototyping Machines

Solution C
Processing Size: 400*300mm
Professional PCB making machine

PCB flow chart:
Solution C.jpg

We have many different PCB production line with different PCB size and capacity, Below is the detail of our PCB production line capacity:


Solution1 layer(8h)2 layers(8h)Process capability
A12 m2m2200*300mm PCB,8MIL min track and gap, 0.4mm min hole size
B20 m2m2200*300mm PCB,8MIL min track and gap, 0.4mm mini hole size
C40 m2m2400*300mm PCB,8MIL min track and gap, 0.4mm mini hole size
D40 m2m2400*300mm PCB,6MIL min track and gap,0.3mm mini hole size
L80 m212 m2400*500mmPCB,6MIL min track and gap, 0.3mm mini hole size
S100 m216 m2500*600mmPCB,6MIL min track and gap, 0.3mm mini hole size

Customer reference:

1:University of surya, Indonesia.

2:Qatar University in Doha

3:College of Nigeria.

4:Poland(Completely PCB and SMT Production line)

5:Ghana of Africa (Completely PCB production line).

6.Bangladesh(PCB makingmachines)

7.Algeria(With Distributor in Algeria).