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PCB drilling and milling machine

Solution F
Processing Size: 300*400mm
Professional PCB making machine

Middle PCB production line solution F:

We have many different PCB production line with different PCB size and capacity, Below is the detail of our PCB production line capacity:


Solution1 layer(8h)2 layers(8h)Process capability
A12 m2m2200*300mm PCB,8MIL min track and gap, 0.4mm min hole size
B20 m2m2200*300mm PCB,8MIL min track and gap, 0.4mm mini hole size
C40 m2m2400*300mm PCB,8MIL min track and gap, 0.4mm mini hole size
D40 m2m2400*300mm PCB,6MIL min track and gap,0.3mm mini hole size
L80 m212 m2400*500mmPCB,6MIL min track and gap, 0.3mm mini hole size
S100 m216 m2500*600mmPCB,6MIL min track and gap, 0.3mm mini hole size



This solution include all the machine to produce the PCB bards. This solution is mainly for produce the 300*400mm PCB, This solution is suitable for the middle production.It is very good for the small factory.We also provide the completely liquids,materials and allthe other consumables.You can start to do the PCB boards once you get our machine and all consumables.



  • Maximum PCB size:300*400mm

  • Single side PCB capacity: 60 square meter/day

  • Double side PCB capacity: 16 square meter/day

  • Line width:6Mil

  • Line space:6Mil

  • Mini aperture:0.3mm


  • Our engineer can do the training in your cuntry.

  • You can also come to our factory to fo the training.