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PCB Through Hole Machine,PCB Copper Plating Machine

Model: SUNY-ZGK320
Processing Size: 400mm×300mm
Professional PCB making machine


1. Usage: double-sided perforative aperture copper sinking and copper plating to the double-sided circuit board and other non-metal materials;
2. Function characteristics: air-blowing and precoated of copper plating, electroplating short circuit and no plating open circuit testing; constant temperature and heating temperature control with double temperature-control protection, automatic through-hole function, to ensure the conduction rate of through-hole; with opening cover detection, better protecting the safety of the operator

3. Structure features: transparent roof, convenient for operation and observation; self-contained universal caster wheel, convenient for carrying; eight processing grooves, high degree of automation of PCB through-hole operation; negative pressure through aperture structure, automatic through aperture operation function; with double-sided spray water structure, realizing the automatic washing function of PCB;
4. Through-hole technology: advanced black-aperture process, without environmental pollution;
5. Processing dimension: 400mm×300mm;
6. Control system: high-performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, human-computer interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen; In touch screen you can read electronic edition through-hole process manual ; In touch screen you can play the circuit board design sketch after through-hole process;
7. Electroplating power: all control positive and opposite direction pulse electroplating power supply, the current range: 0~30A, adjustable 0.1 A step value, voltage: the highest DC6V
8. Air pump parameters: gas flow: 30L/min;
9. Negative pressure air pump: power 1000W vacuum suction: 210Bar; gas flow: 48L/min;
10. Optional configuration: Ethernet interface, realizing remote diagnosis, monitoring, booking open and close the machine and etc. through the wireless or local area network and the Internet, seamless connection with network management system and software, mating PCB network management software, providing long-term free upgrades service;
11. Input power: AC220V/50Hz;
12. Entire machine power: 2200W;
13. Overall volume: length 970mm×width 750mm×height 720mm;
14. Weight: 80Kg (liquid not contained).