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CNC Drilling Machine

Model: SUNY-ZZC800
Processing Size: 600mmx900mmx150mm
Professional PCB making machine


1. It adopts imported ball screw, which has long service life and high precision. The main shaft is a domestic first-class brand, and it can be equipped with imported Italian air-cooled spindle. Extremely fast and efficient.

2. Adopt the method of memory for breakpoints to ensure that processing can continue in the event of an accident (broken knife) or the next day.

3. Unique way to save multiple workpiece machining origins.

4. Frame mobile structure, the transmission is stable, flexible and rigid.

5.The overall harmonious combination not only makes the engraving fine and non-serrated, but also has a smooth and smooth bottom surface and easy to cut three-cm acrylic plexiglass.

6. Use the moisturizing guide rail of the international CNC machine tool signage.

7. Fully equipped with engraving tools, with embossed engraving function.

8. Keyboard and mouse can be operated, 3D model display function.


Technical parameters

1. Bed structure: square steel welding

2. Track type: XYZ axis square linear track

3. Transmission mode: Three-axis ball screw with precision

4. Working area: 600mmx900mmx150mm

5. Machine outer dimension: 1350mmx1250mmx1250mm

6. Z-axis working stroke: 150mm

7. Maximum material height: adaptive

8. Thickness of cutting material: adaptive according to the tool

9. Maximum empty line speed: 6000mm/min

10. Working speed: 3000mm/min

11. Mechanical accuracy: 0.01mm

12. Applicable software: carved, type3, Artcut Wentai carving 2002, Wentai V8, Artcam

13. Motor type: stepping 450A

14. External power supply: AC220/50/60Hz (380V optional)

15. Drive type: stepper motor / Leisai 542

16. Spindle motor: 1.5kW (Φ80mm) water-cooled variable frequency motor

17. Spindle speed: 6000-24000 rpm

18. Tool chuck diameter: Φ3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm

19. Control System: Weihong NCSTUDIO ( DSP controller optional)

20. File instructions: G code, u00, mmg, plt