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Small size Automatic chemical PCB Spray etching machine

Model: SUNY-ZFS300
Processing Size: 320mm×200mm double-sided board
Professional PCB making machine

1. Usage: realizing etching process of the circuit board processing through high pressure spraying;
2. Structure characteristics: desktop body with more space, compact layout design and more convenient operation;
3. Function characteristics: opening-cover detection function to better protect the operator not splashed by liquid; low liquid alarm function, preventing dry heating function, automatic constant temperature function, automatic regular alarm function;
4. Control system: high-performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, human-computer interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen; In touch screen you can read electronic edition etching process manual; In touch screen you can play the circuit board design sketch after etching process
5. Maximum etching size: 320mm×200mm double-sided board
6. Etching mode: hanging double-sided spraying etching
7. Etching time: 5S~99M59S adjustable
8. Etching temperature: room temperature~55°C adjustable
9. Heating tube: 800W titanium heating tube
10. Spray motor: 100W complete anticorrosive isolation pump
11. Dosage of etching liquid: 20L (standard)
12. Working power: AC220V/50Hz 1000W;
13. Overall dimension: length 630mm×width 430mm×height 550mm;
14. Net weight: 30KG.