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SMT Pick and Place Machine with 8 Working Heads

Model: SUNY W5-F
Max. PCB Board Size:480*330mm
Professional PCB making machine

Product Feature:

Y axis double-drive guider to improve the mounting accuracy.

X axis:using Aluminum magnesium alloy ruler for main body of X axis to prevent deformation,compare with standard aluminium, weight of new material only 35% of standard aluminium, and strength is three times as much as standard aluminium, it maximize the transmission performance of servo motor and ball screw.

Z axis: Eight heads increase the feeding and mounting speed by one-to-one independent head,production efficiency improve approximately 25%. Eight head one-time pick up technology can set up parameter independently according to height difference between components.

Using double-drive guider(return to zero) for transmission system, in accordance with project file to adjust width automatically, only need to enter the parameter of PCB boards, the conveying track will adjust width automatically.

Using marble operation platform to guarantee mechanical stability and prevent deformation.

Front and rear dual-LCD display is easy for operation

Flying camera system to realize non-stop identification.

72 feeders for dual flying camera system,76 feeders for front flying camera system.

3mm process side for board loader connection

Optimize 8 mounting heads and independent control in accordance with materials


Product Parameters:

Quantity of Mounting Head

8 (independent mounting head)

Quantity of Cameras

Flying Camera Identification System (pioneer in Chinese SMT industry)(Flying camera +MARK camera)

Max. PCB Board Size


Z Axis Max. Moving Range


Quantity of Feeders Available

76 sets of 8mm Tape Feeders (Front flying camera system)

72 set of 8mm Tape feeders( Dual flying camera system)

Max. Theoretical Mounting Speed


Average Theoretical Mounting Speed


Positioning Accuracy


Resetting Accuracy


Buffering Range of Suction Nozzle


Motion Driving System

Servo Control System +THK Ball Screw

PCB Boarding Mode

on-line automatic boarding,automatically adjust width of conveying track  according to project file

Component Rotational Angle

0-360°, synchronous rotation

Operating System

Windows XP, Win7 operating system

Components Available

0402, 0603, 0805 RC Components, Diode, Triode,

SOT, TSOP, SOP and PLCC, CSP, QFP, BGA(35*35mm)with line spacing at 0.3mm, etc.


Panasonic Servo system

Visual Display

Industrial Control Display(Front and rear LCD display)

(Proportion: 4:3; Resolution: 1280*1024)

X/Y Motion Mode

2 axes simultaneous motion

Average Power


Power Supply

220V 50HZ

Programming Mode

able to import file format, like: Pick place file,

Protel file, and import coordinates point by point.

Net Weight

About 850KG

Compressed Air Supply


Overall Dimension