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Double Sided Exposure Box

Model: SUNY-ZBG200
Processing Size: 330 * 430mm
Professional PCB making machine


1.Aluminum alloy box, solid structure, safe and reliable, easy to carry.

2.Microcomputer control, new design, easy to use, high exposure accuracy;

3.Design reasonable and effective to prevent UV damage to the eyes; efficient LED light source, the whole more power, exposure more quickly, more uniform light, life up to 20,000 hours;

4.Can be set alone on the lights, under the lights or up and down lights at the same time exposure to adapt to a variety of exposure environment;

5.Easy to operate, one-touch exposure. After the start button, all the work flow is controlled by the exposure machine, without human intervention.

6.Maximum exposure area: 330 * 430mm

7.Working wavelength: 365nm

8.Rated power: 90W

9.Set the time range: 10S-99 minutes

10.Set the time step: 1S

11.Net Weight: 12.3KG

12.Dimensions: 510 * 410 * 160mm